Saturday, March 14, 2009

Music Review: Owl City- Maybe I'm Dreaming

A friend of mine recently loaned me this CD, and while it's not what I'd usually listen to, I've really enjoyed it. I'd call it a sort of 'mellow electronica,' which in my definition means it's good music to relax to and makes me happy, without the dancing aspect that my usual music brings. With my dancing skills (or lack thereof), that's probably a good thing. :) It's good painting music, too. Adam Young is the name of the singer, and he's got some really nice imagery in his lyrics. If you're tired of the same old thing on the radio, this ought to shake things up a bit, in a hopefully pleasant way. Some of my favorite songs are "The Technicolor Phase," "Dear Vienna," "West Coast Friendship," and "The Saltwater Room."

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