Monday, March 23, 2009

Book Review: Missing Abby

I first picked this book up because I really liked the cover... sort of 'summertime Goth' (or something like that). I went on to read it because the title was rather intriguing. Abby is a girl who has gone missing, and the story is narrated by her once-best-friend Emma. But as the story progresses, it's also about Emma missing Abby and their old friendship. The story takes place in Britain. [Note: The American-born-turned-Brit author, Lee Weatherly, thoroughly confused me at first with her writing style, because there's a lot of British slang all through it, and it felt forced as well. But maybe Emma's expressions are simply how a thirteen-year-old British girl of today would actually talk.] It's sad at the end, but positive.

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