Thursday, February 19, 2009

and here i thought classic was the only way to go...

People are evidently doing interesting things with bookshelves these days. I started out just wanting a simple picture of a bookshelf for this blog, because I was going to write about books again. Instead, my Google Images search turned up some photos that I just couldn't leave alone. (I think I might be doing some interior decorating in the near future...) Enjoy!

This one's actually a staircase bookshelf! (Want one? They're designed by Levitate Architects, based in London!)

How cool is this-- a cave bookshelf! What a perfect hideaway. (Especially if you're a little kid!)

This one's called the Gravity Bookshelf. It looks really cool... but I think it would drive me nuts. (I don't think it's avaliable commercially yet.)

This one, however, I might actually consider buying someday (I like traditional, personally). It's got such great, clean lines!

I like this Aluminum and Wood Bookshelf a lot, too. The curved front part gives it a very unique, modern look.

Here's a look that money can't buy: color-coding your books to create a rainbow on your shelves! (Credit goes to user chotda on Flickr for taking this photo.) This one's probably my favorite of the bunch.

Hope you enjoyed seeing these as much as I did!

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