Thursday, September 8, 2011

Book Review: Foxmask

Eyvind's daughter Criedhe has loved her friend Thorvald for her entire life. When Thorvald turns eighteen, he is given a disturbing piece of news by his mother, Margaret: that he is not Ulf's son as he had thought, but the traitor Somerled's. Desperate to find out whether he is truly Somerled's child in nature as well as by birth, Thorvald embarks on a voyage to find his father, who was banished from the Light Isles. Thorvald doesn't know that Criedhe has been watching him, and that she has stowed away on his ship to be with him. He is angry when he finds out, but by then they are already too far out to sea to simply turn around and take her home. This is a story about a young man's quest for his father, a young woman's journey to find love, and an ancient feud. Not quite as well-written as Wolfskin-- there wasn't enough time in the beginning to get to know Criedhe before she followed Thorvald to the ends of the earth, with the end result that I didn't really liked her at first. This act of love simply seems silly rather than courageous, something that she herself comes to admit later on in the book. Thorvald and several of the support characters are more interesting, though Thorvald isn't tremendously likeable either. Overall, the book was interesting and a good read, but not a fantastic one. My rating is 3.5 stars out of 5. [462 pages.]

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