Thursday, August 4, 2011

Book Review: Murder on the Orient Express

I was first introduced to Hercule Poirot by my father, who got me hooked on the TV series with David Suchet at an early age. The distinguished detective has always been among my favorite mystery characters. Agatha Christie is widely considered the best of mystery writers, and Murder on the Orient Express is an unusual yet satisfying example of her craft. Christie's work can never be called formulaic, however, should such a formula exist, this book would be the exception. A murder in the night aboard the Orient Express train leads Hercule Poirot through an apparently nonsensical set of clues-- every piece of evidence Poirot finds only makes the case more difficult to solve, rather than less so. Only Hercule Poirot can solve such a baffling and intriguing case-- or is this one too much even for him? Murder on the Orient Express is an exciting, satisfying page-turner with a suprise ending. Four out of five stars, and definitely worth reading!

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