Thursday, December 31, 2009

knitting: first scarf

Shortly before Thanksgiving, I took up knitting and started on my first project: a blue scarf. (I was only on my first skein when this picture was taken; it has grown considerably since then!) I'm using a nice, soft-feeling yarn called Sugar 'n' Cream, avaliable at most craft and hobby stores. Knitting is an especially great project in the winter!


Jennie said...

Good for you! I received a knitting starter kit for Christmas. ... I'm struggling a bit since I'm one who crochets. To me, it seems that knitting is a more complicated way of doing it. However, your scarf gives me hope. I'm proud of you!

Bethany Turner said...

oh dear, but i haven't looked at your blog in FOREVER~! i really have been awful. you know, i started crocheting after i got back from Korea. i had tried knitting before and it just never worked out. my hands don't seem to like doing the same thing together. and i love the sugar and cream yarn, but i can't use it since all i make is big huge afghans so i get the cheaper yarn :P i like scarves.