Saturday, November 21, 2009

comments on the "New Moon" movie

I saw New Moon tonight. My friend and I arrived at the theater an hour and a half early with advance tickets, expecting the show to be sold out (it wasn't). Because we'd waited a day, the fangirl insanity wasn't nearly as bad as when we went to see Twilight last year. My friend absolutely loved every second of the movie, but I left the theater with mixed feelings. I thought that the werewolf parts were very well done, and I enjoyed them. The vampire parts were mostly just cheesy. Overall, I wasn't sure what the point of the movie was supposed to have been, but it seemed mostly an excuse to showcase the non-explicit "porn for girls" of extremely good looking, muscular, shirtless young men. Easy on the eyes, to be sure... but I'm not sure I like the idea of seeing guys that way. I am a Christian and I'm not afraid to say so, and I couldn't help wondering how my future husband (should I get one) would feel. I'd rather save myself in all ways for my wedding night, and to me, that includes not feasting my eyes on the perfect-looking men that Hollywood favors. I rather think that by doing so, a wife could possibly negate part of the love that should rightfully belong to her husband. (Why would I want to wastefully lust after the guys on the silver screen-- when I could reserve my eyes until I'm married to someone I truly love, and have those feelings be a new experience to me then?) Just as pornography will destroy the love a husband has for his wife, I think that this also can be destructive to a relationship. (And what of the young stars who are being made into sex objects-- what kind of horrible lifestyle is that? Oh, don't believe me? Just how many relationships and lives in Hollywood have made it through the fame? Almost none!) Get more at

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