Friday, November 21, 2008

twilight: the movie

The stereotypical crowds of screaming teenage fangirls have always been just that to me-- a stereotype-- and while I've heard about it and joked about it, I'd never actually experienced it... until tonight.

As my friend and I walked into the movie theater tonight, Twilight tickets in hand, the first thing I spotted were the signs posted everywhere that read, "6:30pm showing of Twilight is SOLD OUT." The second thing I saw was the line. We'd arrived well in advance, but the line was already there and forming rapidly. The third thing I noticed was that nearly all of the line consisted of teenage girls, many of them wearing the famous Twilight t-shirts I keep hearing about. My friend and I were among the oldest in the crowd. "Hmm, I think this is a teenager movie," I remarked (laughing) to my companion, who has not read the books. One girl in front of me asked me if I'd bought my tickets online. I said, "No, I bought them here." She was shocked. Of course, I bought them two weeks ago... I'd had a feeling that there'd be a mob.

When they finally let us into the theater, the mob in question reacted predictably. There was much elbowing, shoving, and even some running as girls surged forward to claim the best seats. I grabbed my friend's hand so that we wouldn't get separated, and ran with the crowd. We got ourselves pretty good seats, and settled in to wait through the inevitable commercials and previews. As the movie began, the crowd cheered and clapped excitedly. (They continued to do this during all key points of the movie, except one.) The only thing the screaming fangirls missed was that during the scene in the baseball clearing, the song that plays is "Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse, which is the band that inspired Stephenie Meyer while she was writing the Twilight Saga. During that part, I was the only one who was excited. :)

I won't give you the details, but my analysis of the movie was this: not as good as the book (of course), not at all scary or dark (I'd watch it a thousand times before The Dark Knight), and very corny. (Go ahead, Twi-hards, throw your tomatoes. Or apples. See if I care.) I enjoyed it very much, though I liked the books much more. If you liked the books, go see it... I won't spoil your fun. :D

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meesa4ever said...

"Or you could make it out of macaroni-- whatever's in the budget.)" LOL I love you that is so a heidi quote :-) Ok so I don't get tomatoes thrown at me when I ask others... what is Twilight about exactly?